Wind is Hiring

Jupiter Bach has now more than 1,500 employees and is still hiring.

The wind industry is an exciting market with a bright future. It is in wide agreement that Wind will be an integral part of the future energy mix. All over the world economies are being positively impacted by this trend. This positive impact doesn’t stop with the investors, environment, or the OEMs. The wind industry is creating jobs, and job creation is the ultimate multiplier when looking at economic impact and the overall quality of life. Jupiter Bach can attest to this job creation first hand as the ramp up to meet global demand heats up.

Jupiter Bach currently has increased to over 1,500 employees globally. The plan is to keeping increasing by hiring several hundred people by the end of the year. These jobs are all over the spectrum of experience from engineers and managers to welders, laminators, and assemblers. Jupiter Bach is proud to be creating jobs and at the same time doing its part to improve the environment.

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