Tap into global production and services through our leading supply chain and the efficiency of flexible manufacturing.

We are devoted to wind for a lower Levelized Cost of Energy (LCoE). You’re guaranteed close, on-site collaboration for maximum benefit at minimum cost. Highly skilled engineers support all our production units. And our 7 production sites put 64,350 m2 of manufacturing and assembly capacity and more than 1,350 employees at your service.

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Full scalability in manufacturing setup

We proactively optimize manufacturing functions to ensure high quality and cost-out. You get the most competitive total cost. That’s due in part to our close collaborations with OEMs, efficiency improvements and innovations. Full scalability in floor space at all our production sites also gives us the flexibility to meet your requirements.

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High-speed infusion lines for maximum output

High-speed infusion lines are one step on our path towards automated manufacturing. A global presence, modularization concepts and innovative mindset are others. Our devotion to wind gives you a competitive edge. One concrete example? Single platform nacelle cover design with our innovative iO concept.

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We improve your competitive edge

We proactively optimize manufacturing functions such as development, testing, ramping up, production, assembly and external logistics.

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We document every aspect of our business

Quality is a habit the industry expects from us, as we’ve helped it succeed since 1982.

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We care

Jupiter Bach is committed to helping fight climate change. That’s why we have established transparency by tracking and calculating our carbon footprint according to the recognized Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

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