Jupiter Bach is firmly dedicated to shrinking our carbon footprint and combating climate change.
To achieve this, we’ve committed to developing ambitious long-term science-based targets via the Science Based Target initiative.

100% renewable electricity

From our core values to the products we design, Jupiter Bach is fully committed to reducing our carbon footprint. In our latest advance, we’ve converted the entire company to using 100% renewable electricity, decreasing our absolute greenhouse gas emissions (scope 1+2) by more than 65%.

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Carbon footprint

We calculate our carbon footprint according to the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol, an internationally recognized standard for determining and managing greenhouse gas emissions. In order to concentrate our efforts where they’ll count most, we use our GHG inventory as the basis for our reductions targets.

See the details of our greenhouse gas inventory in our latest sustainability report

Global environmental management,
certified according to ISO14001

To minimize Jupiter Bach’s environmental impact, our Global Environmental Management System oversees all aspects of our operations. Under this system, our headquarters and all our global sites are certified according to ISO14001. This enables us to set uniform requirements throughout the company, tracking performance via accounts covering our carbon footprint, waste generation and water consumption.

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Health and safety