We engineer and manufacture vacuum-infused composites and other components. All reflect our devotion to wind, regardless of wind class.

The wind industry is in an expansive development phase. To ensure your competitive edge, we engineer new solutions and technologies. It’s what a market leader does. Our best-in-class nacelle and spinner covers protect key components inside your wind turbine. Our in-house engineers and production specialists guarantee close, on-site collaboration. It all helps make you more cost-efficient.

The most cost-efficient, optimized solution

The wind industry needs cost-efficient solutions that perform better, last longer and resist the impact of external factors. We have the knowhow and expertise it takes to fully optimize our value chain, sourcing, tooling and manufacturing. Global scalability means you get flexible, easily adaptable solutions too. That minimizes your total cost and time to market.

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Reducing complexity from early development on

Anyone who has worked with us knows our long track record of close customer collaboration. As part of our modularized design, we work with you from early in the wind turbine design phase. You get a customized nacelle or spinner cover solution. And integrated inventory and supply chain solutions increase safety and reduce the complexity of your project.

Innovating and testing new composite solutions

When it comes to nacelle and spinner cover design and calculations, we have more than 25 years of experience in composites and processes. It’s one reason we’re the market leader. Our test labs around the world continually investigate and test new materials, technologies and opportunities for recycling and reusing materials.

We innovate

Minimize investments with pre-certified components. The iO concept offers digital design with streamlined configuration and flexible construction variations.

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We deliver

Scalable production can help reduce your Levelized Cost of Energy (LCoE) and increase wind penetration in emerging markets.

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We care

In an industry defined by its impact on the world, we balance people, planet and profit in every aspect of our business.

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