Signing the UN Global Compact, we promised to do our part to advance business ethics and oppose corruption in all its forms. Like all our other sustainability goals, this is an ongoing effort that is the responsibility of every person here.

We choose no business over bad business

Jupiter Bach doesn’t just promote free and fair competition – our policies enforce it. We actively work against extortion, bribery, facilitation payments and all other forms of corruption, unlawful and unethical market conduct. We avoid conflicts of interest, ensuring that personal interests do not unduly influence our professional judgment.

Codes of conduct

In our codes of conduct, Jupiter Bach has set out the basic values of our company concerning corporate and personal responsibility. They are a comprehensive set of principles which appear in two main versions, both sharing the same basic content, with one specifically addressing employees while the other focuses on suppliers. Our IT code of conduct completes the set of codes.

To serve as a guide for each person here, and for every decision we make, it’s essential that everyone understands our ethical business principles. Therefore, the entire company is trained in our code of conduct. We then follow up on fulfillment and understanding with ongoing audits and management reviews.

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As part of our approval process, we require suppliers to demonstrate their commitment to our rights requirements by signing the Jupiter Bach supplier code of conduct.

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IT security and conduct

When acting on behalf of Jupiter Bach, it’s essential that we demonstrate professional IT communications behavior. From compliance with internet ethics to following software license rules, we maintain high standards in our IT conduct.

Human and labor rights

We advocate for human and labor rights both inside the company and throughout our supply chain, using those principles as a key measure in evaluating our suppliers. We perform regular audits, ensuring that suppliers live up to these standards.

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Health and safety