Cost-out program

Jupiter Bach assumes responsibility for helping meet the wind industry’s challenges and lowering wind power’s LCoE.

Our core business is to design and manufacture composite nacelle and spinner covers with maximum customer benefit at minimum cost. Through lean manufacturing and cost-out tracking, Jupiter Bach practices continuous process optimization. Cost-out programs and close collaborations with our customers enable us to drive continuous improvement and set new standards within the wind industry together.

Ensuring cost efficiency

Choose whichever flexible business model makes most sense for you – whether it encompasses our entire value chain, or selected competencies within our field of expertise. Because we collaborate closely with OEMs, we can carry out many processes in parallel for maximum efficiency.

Delivering added value

Any design that simplifies the path to a finished wind turbine creates value. Our engineering teams interact directly with customers to ensure the best, most cost-efficient solutions. And since there are always Jupiter Bach engineers at our production sites, they can easily transfer the required solutions to the manufacturing and assembly processes.

One-source efficiency

With Jupiter Bach, you only need to contact a single place to get to market as quickly as possible with the highest quality nacelle and spinner covers. Because we are devoted to wind, we deliver the market’s most up-to-date expertise and advice on the optimal solution. A solution with as few costs and as much sustainability as possible.

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