Close collaborations, efficiency improvements and innovations add up to the most competitive total cost.

Looking for even greater efficiencies in your wind turbine project? As the market-leading supplier of nacelle and spinner covers, we have the capabilities to deliver. Our global sourcing and cost-out program enable us to fully optimize your specific requirements. Together, we also drive continuous improvements.

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Integrate maximum benefit at minimum cost

Perhaps your solution encompasses our entire value chain. Or maybe you need only selected competencies within our field of expertise. Regardless, you’ll enjoy an adaptable business model that reduces complexity and delivers more than you might expect. Full scalability means you can integrate our services in any phase of the production line. This ensures maximum outcome at minimum cost.

Economic value through constant optimization

We use cost-out tracking to improve your competitive edge. That means we proactively optimize manufacturing functions such as development, testing, ramping up, production, assembly and external logistics. You’ll also experience high quality and competitive total cost. Expect fast, flexible solutions when we team up.

Minimize investments with pre-certified components

Our suite of standard molds with pre-certified components enables automated manufacturing. It also enables shorter lead time for prototyping and high-volume production.

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Global, flexible assembly setup

Optimize your production with our flexible, scalable assembly setup and global presence.

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Devoted to wind

Within the field of nacelle and spinner covers we are best-in-class, and our track record includes more than 70,000 wind turbines around the world.

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