Top-class additional covers designed by highly skilled engineers provide superior protection of key components and equipment inside your wind turbine.

Fully protect key components inside any type of wind turbine with our market-leading composite covers. They also improve the working environment in all kinds of settings. These additional covers help you minimize repair and maintenance costs, too, by making service work easier. We design and deliver various covers for blade bearing, cooler tops and hatches.

Cooler top covers

All modern wind turbines need effective, compact and well-designed cooling solutions for generators, converters, gear boxes, transformers and hydraulic systems. We design and supply streamlined, efficient and high-quality cooler top covers that meet the requirements of a wide range of wind classes.

Small covers & hatches

Openings for service reasons, access to components and ventilation are covered by hatches in many different designs. One common requirement is lightweight covers that make access easy for operators conducting service. In addition to hatches, we design lightweight small covers to protect different components.

Blade bearing covers

The blades are connected to the rotor hub and are often subject to unfavorable operating and weather conditions. This can affect the lifetime of the wind turbine. Our blade bearing covers in various lightweight designs protect against weather and shield inside components.

Global, flexible assembly setup

Optimize your production with our flexible, scalable assembly setup and global presence.

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Certified quality is second nature to us

Quality is a habit the industry expects from us, as we’ve helped it succeed since 1982.

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We are devoted to wind

Within the field of nacelle and spinner covers we are best in class, and our track record includes more than 60,000 wind turbines around the world.

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