Minimize investments with pre-certified components. The iO concept offers digital design with streamlined configuration and flexible construction variations.

You get the best value and faster time to market with our innovative iO concept. We offer flexible standardization and scalable product design. Because you use only one platform for design, we reduce your development costs and minimize the need for plugs and molds. Our suite of standard molds with pre-certified components enables automated manufacturing. It also enables shorter lead time for prototyping and high-volume production.

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Scalable nacelle cover with a maximum of 11 molds

The iO concept features a suite of standard molds and pre-certified components. It offers flexible construction variations with self-carrying design.

  • 11 molds for outside geometry and internal details
  • Same molds across product range
  • Scalable from 2 MW up to 5 MW turbines
  • Individual customer styling options

Faster time to market with superior technology

The iO concept’s new casting methods enable automated production with timely optimization for both high-volume and prototyping. The single platform also makes packaging, transport and assembly more efficient.

  • Automated mass production
  • Efficient transport of panels
  • New technical opportunities

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