Protect high-risk areas inside and outside nacelles with our added value program. It prevents fires from spreading and shutdowns caused by lightning.

Lightning strikes and unforeseen mechanical friction or electrical discharges could lead to a series of events that cause wind turbine shutdown. That’s why we always put safety first when we design nacelle and spinner covers. Our added value program ensures that all service work in the turbines takes place under industry-leading safety standards.

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Fire protection

Our nacelle and spinner covers are mainly made from composites consisting of foam, resin and glass fabrics. While glass fiber alone cannot burn under the typical circumstances, resin and foam are highly flammable. You benefit from the newest, thoroughly tested knowledge about passive fire stoppers when you choose to add our fire protection. This ensures an economic, high performance and passive fire stopping.

Lightning protection

Lightning strikes are among the most common causes of shutdowns. If you choose the wrong solution to protect the turbine, it can lead to costly shutdowns. That increases the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCoE). With us, you get the expertise, experience and facilities to ensure optimal lightning protection for your nacelle covers.

Anti-skid system

Walkways inside and outside the nacelle and spinner cover feature non-skid surfaces according to DIN 51130. The non-skid surface is an integrated part of the panels, since they are manufactured in the molds. This technology provides repeatability, consistency and best-in-class walkway surfaces for service people.

Innovating and testing new composite solutions

To ensure your competitive edge, we engineer new solutions and technologies. It’s what a market leader does.

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Global, flexible assembly setup

Optimize your production with our flexible, scalable assembly setup and global presence.

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Meeting the needs of the industry

With our innovative iO concept, you only use one platform for design. That reduces your development costs and minimizes the need for plugs and molds.

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