We design customized logistics solutions early on. That optimizes products and processes to reduce your total costs.

Engineering, manufacturing and assembling nacelle and spinner covers involves a wide range of logistic factors. Expect us to reach out to you at an early stage, so we’re sure we understand your specific requirements. Only then can we plan the most effective logistics solution that meets your every need for protection, safety and cost.

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Flexible logistics solutions meeting every need

Changing market conditions call for an agile and solid business model – the kind you get from a global leader. Together, we plan a logistics solution that covers customized packaging and transport configurations. Perhaps you need delivery directly to your assembly location? We cover the world. And our smart stacking solutions can be customized to meet your specific demands for handling, inventory and assembly.

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We improve your competitive edge

We proactively optimize manufacturing functions such as development, testing, ramping up, production, assembly and external logistics.

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One platform for design

Minimize investments with pre-certified components. The iO concept offers digital design with streamlined configuration and flexible construction variations.

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Devoted to wind

100% of our business is focused on the wind industry. Our core business is to design and supply nacelle and spinner covers with maximum customer benefit at minimum cost.

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