You get individually customized, market-leading, high-quality spinner covers that shield and protect key components inside the rotor hub.

No matter the class of your wind turbine, our spinner covers protect key components. The spinner cover is mounted on the rotor hub and manufactured in composites for low weight, temperature resistance, non-corrosion and rigidity. The design varies across the different types of turbines. However, the same specifications and requirements to shelter key components apply.

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Customized logistics solutions

In the wind industry, driving down costs of energy is what sets you apart from competitors. That’s why we deliver customized logistics solutions. They enable you to optimize products and processes and reduce costs. It’s also a fast and flexible model. Choose from customized packaging and transport configurations that include direct delivery to your assembly location anywhere in the world.

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Reduced complexity and higher output

When you choose Jupiter Bach, you choose composite spinner covers with the most benefits at the least cost. Through our cost-out program, we super optimize on volume and time, getting you the best possible return on your investment. And we work closely with you to integrate our services in any phase of your production line.

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Meeting your specific requirements

Today our industry-leading supply chain facilitates production and services anywhere.

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We care

As the wind industry keeps developing, we will keep exploring new ways to be responsible and efficient.

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Innovating new technical opportunities

Our suite of standard moulds with pre-certified components empowers an automated manufacturing and shorter lead time for prototyping and high-volume production.

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