We care

In an industry defined by its impact on the world, a partner that successfully balances people, planet and profit is a rare asset.

Jupiter Bach’s corporate spirit is We care. We are committed to making a difference within the environment, human rights, working conditions and anti-corruption, and we adhere to Scandinavia’s internationally respected standards. The safety of our employees in all markets is paramount and contributes to our excellent, efficient working environment.

Responsible and efficient operation

Accordingly, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a key part of our DNA. To us CSR means compliance with the 10 principles listed in the UN Global Compact Agenda. As the wind industry is developing rapidly, it is crucial that we continue to explore new opportunities for operating both responsibly and efficiently. We also are determined to make a profit from our investments – and to help our customers do so as well.

Recycling matters

We recycle and reuse whenever possible to keep quality standards up and production costs down. The recycling of our production waste has enabled both the establishment of new industries and their continued growth. Our engineers are always looking for new ways to challenge the status quo. As market leader in our field, we are committed to continuing to develop the industry, both to the benefit of our customers and others.

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