Our new assembly site in Ringkoebing, Denmark is now operational

Our new assembly site in Ringkoebing is now operational for deliveries to Vestas in Ringkoebing


The assembly jig, lifting equipment and tooling has been installed, and a gate to enable access/exit of the items being assembled.

Our team has started to deliver nacelle panels Just In Time for the Vestas assembly line less than 1 km down the road. JIT means in reality, that we are requested to deliver panels 2-4 hours before they are actually needed on the assembly line, more or less 24 hours a day on special designed transport jigs.

To enable this, tight planning is needed, close cooperation with Vestas as well as a good logistic flow from our plant in Lithuania. It’s a huge challenge delivering JIT for Jupiter Bach, but we are convinced our setup and dedicated team are able to fulfill and maintain a satisfied customer.
The panels assembled, re-packed and delivered in special configurations in Ringkoebing will be used for Vestas new turbine in the Enventus family.

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We have reached 2000+ followers on LinkedIn

We have reached a milestone and can now count 2000 followers. A big thank you to everyone for ‘following’, ‘liking’, ‘sharing’ and ‘commenting’ on our content. We are very grateful for your support – thank you!

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Why is the brand awareness important?

Improved awareness makes us stay top of mind of existing relations. It also makes us more visible to future relations. This way, it helps generating future business. We have many different stakeholders we try to reach. Customers, suppliers, future employees, colleagues, industries and authorities just to mention a few.

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Safety first at Jupiter Bach Pensacola

At Jupiter Bach the safety mantra is think twice, take care, and take away hazards. This is critical in today’s manufacturing business to stay safe as parts become larger and processes faster. We would like to acknowledge the staff at Jupiter Bach Pensacola for taking care of each other as the job of safety doesn’t stop at oneself, but at team.

Read more about our QHSE policy here

Jupiter Bach Dezhou achieves “Leading Enterprise” award as the only in our industry

In August 2020, the team in Dezhou launched a project to apply for “Leading Enterprise” in the GRP (Glass-fiber Reinforced Plastics) industry in Shandong Province, the home province of Jupiter Bachs Chinese operations.


As the environmental focus increases in China, more and more restrictions are enforced including limitations on transportation, production discharging dust, any kind of non-environmentally friendly emission or high consumption of electricity. These limitations are enforced during ‘bad weather days’ where the AQI (Air Quality Index) is high – this occurs during the winter season when lots of energy is used in the central heating system. These limitations impact stable production across industries.

Through months of preparation, teamwork both internally and with relevant external parties, the Dezhou site was awarded “Leading Enterprise” at the end of October, as the first company within the GRP industry.

There are favorite policies around “Leading Enterprises” which means, that e.g. during bad weather days, there will be very limited impact on production, ensuring stable operation and timely deliveries to our customers and with a clear conscience that our environmental impact is minimal. Looking at the previous two years, the Dezhou site had been impacted by limitations for a not insignificant number of days.

Among the initiatives implemented is an online emission system, which constantly reads emission level in our chimneys and a camera system that detects all vehicles trying to enter our premises. The system will only give access to vehicles which have the required environmental approvals and thereby enforce that e.g. suppliers and forwarders picking up finished goods, cannot enter if they chose to use unauthorized and polluting trucks.

So far 43 companies across 39 industries have been awarded ‘Leading Enterprise’ in Shandong province, and Jupiter Bach Dezhou is the only one within our industry.

This is another milestone and achievement for the Dezhou team in putting sustainability higher on the agenda. Jupiter Bach Dezhou was praised by Shandong EPA (Environment Protection Agency) for our RCO (Regenerative Catalytic Oxidization) emission technology, professional staff, and good overall management for “environment protection”. Following the award General Manager at our Jupiter Bach Dezhou site Martin W. Papsoe stated: “on behalf on the entire team I’m very happy and proud to see us being awarded as this supports our strategy in improving our environmental footprint in Dezhou as well as providing us with more operational flexibility during bad weather days”.

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Jupiter Bach is going live with Electronic Inspection Plan at all factories

We Innovate and We Care – Improvement of Quality, Efficiency and Resource consumption

A software system where all inspection plans are documented directly via iPads at the shop floor will give Jupiter Bach remarkable benefits when it comes to quality, but also efficiency and a better environment with reduced paper, print ink etc.

The feedback from the quality inspectors is good, they find the tool easy to use and very simple.

Some of the benefits they see in daily operation are:
• Poka-yokes (“mistake-proofing”) introduced in the system is preventing us from making human mistakes and guiding us towards full compliance with customer specifications and procedures.
• Evidences collection and sharing is helping to avoid personal appreciations when it comes to defect categorization.
• Involvement from other departments is improved as they might be responsible for resolving conditional approvals (Engineering Dept).
• Full transparency of the inspection process.

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We Care!

Jupiter Bach is devoted to wind and our corporate spirit is: We care. We believe that sustainable development is a prerequisite for our business success.

Right now climate change is one of the world biggest challenges. Challenges that call for urgent actions in order to achieve the significant reduction in CO2 emission which is needed to stop the climate changes.

Renewable energy and wind play a significant role in moving away from fossil fuels and towards a more sustainable future. Jupiter Bach is a part of the solution.
The climate changes is a very important part of the term “sustainability”, however, sustainability is so much more. Jupiter Bach supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and has selected the 5 goals in which our systematic contribution enables us to create the greatest benefit and to demonstrate our commitment, we are a signatory of the UN Global Compact.

Our sustainability strategy is centered on the 5 selected SDG’s and the 10 principles of the Global Compact and is based on 4 pillars: Valuing people, Promoting clean energy, Minimizing footprint and Advocating anti-corruption. Within each of the 4 pillars we track performance and set targets for improvements.

We are proud to share our very first sustainability report for 2019 and I hope you will enjoy the reading:


Statement by Executive Management Team

Climate change has gained increasing momentum and relevance in recent years. Renewable energy and wind play a significant role in moving away from fossil fuels and toward a more sustainable future.

We at Jupiter Bach are devoted to wind and we are both proud of and dedicated to work in an industry that helps combat climate change, eventually making the world a greener and better place.

Minimizing footprint

Both the products we make and our core values reflect this intent, and we are on a journey to continuously support global compact goals and related initiatives with specific actions and changes in behavior. To mention one, our commitment to sustainability in 2020 includes a switch to green electricity across our manufacturing plants and a 60% reduction in CO2 emissions. Going forward, we will gradually set the bar higher.

Learn more about our SDG strategy

Our success builds on people

The core company values at Jupiter are, “We care, We deliver and We innovate”. The foundation supporting all three values is our global employees who play a crucial role in our sustainable road map. As an employer it’s of paramount importance that we’re able to attract and retain talents in today’s competitive work environment and this requires full focus across our group.

In Executive Management we’re committed to investing into further developing our employees and investing in work environment at our sites to make sure that working conditions are continuously improving.

Learn more about how we value our people

Continued commitment to UN Global Compact and the SDGs

UN Global Compact, its 10 Principles and UNs Sustainable Development Goals (the SDGs) are fundamental to our sustainability strategy. Jupiter Bach has been signatory to UN Global Compact since 2019 and with this report we in the Executive Management Team reconfirm our commitment.

We actively engage our employees, work with our owners, customers, suppliers and partners to ensure the necessary focus, effort and results. A big thank you to everyone involved in making this happen.

Sincerely – the Jupiter Bach Executive Management Team

Read our Sustainability report

Safety first – it’s all about behavior

The safety and well-being of our employees is our highest priority. At Jupiter Bach safety always comes first and Jupiter Bach has a goal of making safe behavior a habit, not an act.

To support this goal and to promote safe behavior we are implementing 3 simple behavior rules:

“The safety and well-being of our employees is our highest priority at Jupiter Bach, and in our common journey towards a zero-based accident culture I’m convinced that the new safety statements will be a tremendous support of that ambition ” says Lars Rytter, COO.

Think twice:
Take a moment up front to ensure that your behavior and actions are safe. If not safe, rethink a safe solution. Never perform unsafe actions. If you cannot see a safe way, raise the issue to your supervisor or your health and safety lead.

Take care:
Always take care of yourself, your colleagues and others around you. Make sure that your behavior and actions are safe for yourself and for everybody around you. “Taking care” gives you the right and the duty to respond and interfere when you see unsafe situations regardless if it’s caused by a colleague, a visitor, a manager or our CEO

Take away hazards:
Be proactive and remove any hazards you see to avoid unsafe situations. Injuries will always have a reason – it’s never bad luck. The reason might be a physical hazard, or a hazard caused by unsafe behaviors. To reduce the risk of injuries we urge you to be proactive and remove any hazards you observe


“If we all follow these simple rules, we have come a long way in our strive for a safe culture with zero accidents and workplaces where nobody gets hurt. This concerns all of us” Lone Stubberup states.

Stay safe

Lone Stubberup
Global Director, BPM & QHSE

Read more about QHSE at Jupiter Bach here



Delta 4000 nacelle prototype in Spain

We are proud to be part of the first Nordex Group Delta4000 nacelle manufactured in Spain.

Nordex Group has started up producing the high runner Delta nacelle cover at their production site, the La Vall d’Uixó plant in Spain and at Jupiter Bach we are proud to have delivered the first prototype.

The first nacelle for an N149/4.0-4.5 turbine has left the production facility for the Celada III wind farm in Spain.

Series production for the Delta4000 platform started in Rostock in March 2019, and less than nine months later, turbines from this generation are now coming off the production line in La Vall d’Uixó in Spain.

Development, manufacture, project management and servicing of onshore wind turbines has been the core competence of the Nordex Group for 35 years. Jupiter Bach has manufactured more than 55.000 nacelle covers worldwide and we are happy to be a part of the cooperation with Nordex Group.

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100% renewable electricity in Jupiter Bach

Jupiter Bach is devoted to wind: 100% of our business is focused on the wind industry. We contribute to the transformation of global energy systems via our product portfolio.

At the same time, we are also committed to constantly improve our global sustainability footprint. As a part of our sustainability strategy we’re yearly calculating our carbon footprint (CO2 emissions).
Analyzing our 2018 and 2019 carbon footprint, it has become obvious that changing our electricity consumption to 100% renewable would be the most significant contribution to minimize our CO2 emissions.

“In Jupiter Bach we will do our part in fighting the climate change and I am very proud that all electricity used in Jupiter Bach from 1st of January 2020 will been certified renewable and primarily coming from wind” says Lone Stubberup, Global Director BMP & QHSE .
Global HSE Manager Enrique Parra Robledo is responsible for tracking and calculating Jupiter Bach’s carbon footprint. He explains that changing to 100% green electricity will reduce our global CO2 emission with 65– 70% (CO2 emissions for purchased electricity is zero).

The CO2 emission from electricity and thereby our total CO2 emission increased in 2019 due to increased activity. However, looking at our CO2 emission per tons consumed glass this index is fairly stable which means that our relative CO2 emission is stable comparing 2018 and 2019.

COO Lars Rytter says “when we initiated our strategy work on Sustainability in Jupiter Bach including signing up for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals implementing green electricity across all sites and offices in our Group was high on the agenda and therefore I’m happy to see the project team turning this task swiftly around and making us “Green” as of January 2020

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