Nacelle cover for a new 3 MW turbine turbine platform running full speed in Poland

High quality, efficient supply chain and timely project execution are paramount in today’s wind market.

One of Jupiter Bach’s existing customers has selected Jupiter Bach  to deliver the nacelle cover and spinner to a new version of a 3 MW  platform, which the customer has introduced to the market last year to secure the continuous improvement of Levelized Cost of Energy (LCoE).

The project started a couple of years ago with the delivery of prototypes followed by ramp-up during 2018. The production is now running full speed in the newly expanded Jupiter Bach production in Poland located in the proximity to Stettin. The project teams from the Customer and Jupiter Bach have been meeting frequently at the Jupiter Bach factory in Poland to align quality requirements and develop a new packaging and transport concepts to secure an effective transport from Stettin to the customers Nacelle assembly factory in Europe.

In total Jupiter Bach has 6 factories globally with 75.000m² of manufacturing and assembly capacity spanning the globe from Asia to Americas.

Read more about efforts to reduce Levelized Cost of Energy (LCoE) here

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