Successful qualification in China for deliveries to Vestas USA

Safety, quality, delivery and cost are key when launching new products in today’s market.

The SQE (Sourcing Quality Engineer) team from Vestas has been visiting the Jupiter Bach factory in Dezhou, China to carry out First Article Inspection of the first 3MW nacelle cover panels which will be delivered to Vestas Brighton Nacelle factory in the USA. Vestas plans to assemble the first 3MW Nacelles at the end of 2018 which will be installed as part of new wind projects for the US wind market and mark a shift in the demand size of turbines in the US.

The First Article Inspection includes inspection of moulds, assembly fixtures, fiber panels, mounting parts, pre-assembled nacelle parts and transport fixtures. In addition, work instructions, process descriptions and procedures are verified to secure safety, quality, delivery and cost. The experience Jupiter Bach has in the wind industry really shows during these qualifications as the company has substantial experience with what the customer requires and lives by the values the customers also strive to.

The SQE team was very satisfied with the overall inspection of the tools, products and documentation and Jupiter Bach now has received the green light from Vestas to begin shipping units to the USA.

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