Certified quality

Only the highest quality can meet the wind industry’s demanding standards. As market leader, certified quality is second nature.

To provide the traceability that is essential in today’s business climate, we document every aspect of our business. All Jupiter Bach processes are fully transparent, and our management system is certified according to the ISO9001 standard.

As part of creating the industry’s best composite solutions, we practice APQP. This quality standard, set by the largest industry players, ensures both high quality and lower cost for wind energy. Jupiter Bach’s consistently demanding approach to quality also ensures industrial repeatability.

Internal and external audits

Regular internal and external audits help maintain the high standards that have made Jupiter Bach the industry’s preferred partner for nacelle and spinner covers. All audits are used to improve our business, as well as in our comprehensive KPI (Key Performance Indicator) system. Cost-out programs and close collaborations with our customers enable us to drive continuous improvement and set new standards within the wind industry together.

The safety of our employees in all markets is also paramount and contributes both to a quality mindset and to our excellent, efficient working environment.

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