Wind energy well packed – an abstract from a recently published Polish news article

Less than 2 years ago, Denmark-based Jupiter Group – a wind turbine nacelle cover manufacturer – launched its Polish division in Trzeszczyn near Police (Zachodniopomorskie Province).

Today, the Polish Division provides services for some of the largest OEMs in the Wind Turbine Industry. What this means is that the nacelle covers manufactured in Poland are used across the globe.

Headquartered in Denmark, Jupiter Group operates on a global scale: in addition to the Danish Headquarter, it also owns divisions in the USA (Pensacola, Florida), China (Dezhou, Shandong) and, since 2013, in Trzeszczyn. Start of the Polish branch was so successful that from year to year the company increased market share and thereby gradually increased employment.

As Jupiter Group supplies some of the most significant OEMs it goes without saying that the amount of demand put on the Trzeszczyn plant is just enormous. After 2 years of implementations and adaptation to local conditions, it is safe to conclude that the Poles have stood up to the challenge. The task was pretty ambitious as the standard product of the Jupiter Group – wind turbine nacelles covers – requires the manufacturer to master the world’s top quality and manufacturing technologies.

Jupiter Group is a typical OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) sector corporation which, in this particular case, translates into the world’s top-quality production of wind turbine nacelles and spinner covers branded by global producers. This puts on both management and the entire team an obligation to comply with the most demanding standards confirmed by the ISO 9001 certificate.

Separate production lines were launched for each customer with training sessions organized to develop highly skilled employees to enable them to handle specific jobs and work phases. Technological regimes are stringent: only the persons, after health and safety training and use of personal protective equipment, can access the production floor. This applies to both employees and visitors.

The process is a complex chemical process, hence the special safety precautions must be observed. A special, fiber-like material is recieved in the chemical lab. It is further shaped into specifically designed moulds. Each cover element is made by a separate team. Their job is to cut the material down to a specific size and then to polish individual cover elements. The large-area production floors are fitted with mobile screens to attenuate the noise and separate the next production phases.

Pretty impressive are also the large moulds designed to shape the nacelle and spinner covers. Meticulous work in this area is required that consists of precise cutting down of the elements to a perfect model. The final product is a completely assembled nacelle waiting for a carriage on a special platform. Several Nacelle covers leave the Trzeszczyn plant every day which are all transported on vehicle platforms.

Stable operation and the future

The employment conditions offered at Jupiter Group Poland are really something to pay attention to. The Trzeszczyn plant offer is particularly attractive in the Polish job market. All employees – currently 160 – are employed under employment contracts. The company guarantees timely and steady payouts, but what it expects from the employees in return is safety first, loyalty and commitment. There are incentives for improving one’s own qualifications and the company provides on-site training and opportunities to improve your current skills.

Jupiter Group is recruiting on an ongoing basis.

The corporate motto is: global presence, innovation, certified quality and environmentally friendly production. This is why the company management is constantly staying in touch and exchanging information. Although the innovation centers are located in Denmark and in the USA, holding a virtual conference between Denmark, China, the USA and Poland is commonplace and not a serious problem in the era of global communication.

Large contracts provide Jupiter Group with financial stability and resources for development; however, the Board refuses to rest on its laurels. Currently, the entire Trzeszczyn project (both process lines, including the office facilities) takes up a total area of 26 300 m2.

Early 2016, the production has increased by three additional modules. The target is three production floors on a total surface area 68 500 m2.

Our devotion to wind has kept us in the forefront of our field and enables us to provide the most refined and innovative solutions for our customers across the globe.

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