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Statement by Executive Management Team

Climate change has gained increasing momentum and relevance in recent years. Renewable energy and wind play a significant role in moving away from fossil fuels and toward a more sustainable future.

We at Jupiter Bach are devoted to wind and we are both proud of and dedicated to work in an industry that helps combat climate change, eventually making the world a greener and better place.

Minimizing footprint

Both the products we make and our core values reflect this intent, and we are on a journey to continuously support global compact goals and related initiatives with specific actions and changes in behavior. To mention one, our commitment to sustainability in 2020 includes a switch to green electricity across our manufacturing plants and a 60% reduction in CO2 emissions. Going forward, we will gradually set the bar higher.

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Our success builds on people

The core company values at Jupiter are, “We care, We deliver and We innovate”. The foundation supporting all three values is our global employees who play a crucial role in our sustainable road map. As an employer it’s of paramount importance that we’re able to attract and retain talents in today’s competitive work environment and this requires full focus across our group.

In Executive Management we’re committed to investing into further developing our employees and investing in work environment at our sites to make sure that working conditions are continuously improving.

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Continued commitment to UN Global Compact and the SDGs

UN Global Compact, its 10 Principles and UNs Sustainable Development Goals (the SDGs) are fundamental to our sustainability strategy. Jupiter Bach has been signatory to UN Global Compact since 2019 and with this report we in the Executive Management Team reconfirm our commitment.

We actively engage our employees, work with our owners, customers, suppliers and partners to ensure the necessary focus, effort and results. A big thank you to everyone involved in making this happen.

Sincerely – the Jupiter Bach Executive Management Team

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