Jupiter Group incorporates innovative 3D printing

Jupiter Bach incorporates innovative 3D printing

3D printing brings quickly ideas to the field for testing making the ideas of today the reality of tomorrow. By reducing the time to market for new innovations Jupiter Bach is helping drive down the cost of energy for all.

Jupiter Bach has been known for many innovations in composites manufacturing

The incorporation of 3D printing was the next natural step when some new ideas about how to solve a challenge needed quick results. Design ideas were first brought to the table through sketches and 3D modeling. Manufacturability and functionality reviews were worked through.

When the design was set, full scale 3D printed components were built for testing. The full size prototype components gave Jupiter the ability to run test and find ways to improve the product performance.

This utilization of the technology was a key component to successfully bringing a necessary solution to the market fast.

Our Innovation Centre is working on all aspects of our business

Rethink. Learn. And think again. Innovation has kept us at the forefront of our field.
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