Innovation centers

Innovation drives this industry. Our innovative approach to all aspects of business delivers added value and maximizes potential.

As the wind industry evolves, Jupiter Bach’s focus on expanding our expertise means we’ll continue to lead the market with the most innovative solutions. The business and specialist teams in our innovation centers turn global experience and know-how into development opportunities. And in our test labs around the world, we constantly investigate new technologies and composite solutions. Mutual collaboration around the globe enables us to deliver efficiencies and advancements to achieve the industry’s most competitive total cost.

Innovation on a global scale

Global teamwork is the foundation of our innovation activities. We have an extremely talented workforce focused on keeping quality up and production costs down to support our customers’ competitiveness. Whether investigating and testing new materials and processes, exploring opportunities for recycling and reusing materials or going about our daily customer support activities, we collaborate with OEMs, suppliers, technical universities and other operators in the wind power industry.

Even more success ahead

Our vision is to strengthen our position as the global leader within nacelle and spinner covers and to continue our innovative approach for the benefit of the industry. A solid business plan and excellent global cooperation internally and externally is making that success happen.

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