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Record year at Jupiter Group

In 2015 the Danish GRP manufacturer Jupiter Group had a revenue growth exceeding 70%. Now they prepare for further growth.

Along with the 70% revenue growth, the GRP manufacturer, who develops nacelle and spinner covers for the wind turbine industry, managed to triple their annual results.

In addition, the company could welcome more than 200 new employees globally, and the bulging order books show that the growth will continue in 2016. CEO Jens Kristensen is pleased that the growth is coming from both new and existing customers, as well as new markets.

We are, of course, proud that we have success and are expanding our production capacity in Poland, China and USA, and at the same time managed to maintain our Danish production unit.

The production unit on Falster in Denmark employs 40-45 employees. The unit got a new role in 2015 as it was strategically decided to move the production tasks to Poland. Instead the Danish production unit turned its focus towards innovation and special projects – and this conversion has paid off well both in Poland and Denmark.

Three reasons for the success

Jens Kristensen gives three reasons for the company’s record year.

First of all we have an amazing and dedicated staff. Even though the number of employees has exceeded 700 spread over three continents, we are very good at collaboration across. Furthermore, we have a precise formulated and complied focus strategy, where we are 100% dedicated to the wind turbine industry. Finally, we have a conscious commitment to innovation, he explains.

The strong focus on innovation can be seen by the fact that all four production units have their own engineering teams assigned. Moreover, the innovation in Denmark is to be strengthened,and is the primary focus in Falster. At the same time the company is staffing up their engineering team in its headquarter. Due to this success the headquarter will move from Bogø to Køge close to Copenhagen during the spring of 2016.

We move to be able to expand and better attract employees with the right skills, and at the same time maintain our current employees. Køge was selected in dialogue with employees in the headquarter. In average they now have shorter distance to work.

During first quarter of 2016 the CEO expects to hire another 3-4 engineers. They will help secure future growth in Poland, USA and China, as well as on Falster.

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