Jupiter Bach Dezhou achieves “Leading Enterprise” award as the only in our industry

In August 2020, the team in Dezhou launched a project to apply for “Leading Enterprise” in the GRP (Glass-fiber Reinforced Plastics) industry in Shandong Province, the home province of Jupiter Bachs Chinese operations.


As the environmental focus increases in China, more and more restrictions are enforced including limitations on transportation, production discharging dust, any kind of non-environmentally friendly emission or high consumption of electricity. These limitations are enforced during ‘bad weather days’ where the AQI (Air Quality Index) is high – this occurs during the winter season when lots of energy is used in the central heating system. These limitations impact stable production across industries.

Through months of preparation, teamwork both internally and with relevant external parties, the Dezhou site was awarded “Leading Enterprise” at the end of October, as the first company within the GRP industry.

There are favorite policies around “Leading Enterprises” which means, that e.g. during bad weather days, there will be very limited impact on production, ensuring stable operation and timely deliveries to our customers and with a clear conscience that our environmental impact is minimal. Looking at the previous two years, the Dezhou site had been impacted by limitations for a not insignificant number of days.

Among the initiatives implemented is an online emission system, which constantly reads emission level in our chimneys and a camera system that detects all vehicles trying to enter our premises. The system will only give access to vehicles which have the required environmental approvals and thereby enforce that e.g. suppliers and forwarders picking up finished goods, cannot enter if they chose to use unauthorized and polluting trucks.

So far 43 companies across 39 industries have been awarded ‘Leading Enterprise’ in Shandong province, and Jupiter Bach Dezhou is the only one within our industry.

This is another milestone and achievement for the Dezhou team in putting sustainability higher on the agenda. Jupiter Bach Dezhou was praised by Shandong EPA (Environment Protection Agency) for our RCO (Regenerative Catalytic Oxidization) emission technology, professional staff, and good overall management for “environment protection”. Following the award General Manager at our Jupiter Bach Dezhou site Martin W. Papsoe stated: “on behalf on the entire team I’m very happy and proud to see us being awarded as this supports our strategy in improving our environmental footprint in Dezhou as well as providing us with more operational flexibility during bad weather days”.

Read more about our SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) Strategy here


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