Jupiter Bach is going live with Electronic Inspection Plan at all factories

We Innovate and We Care – Improvement of Quality, Efficiency and Resource consumption

A software system where all inspection plans are documented directly via iPads at the shop floor will give Jupiter Bach remarkable benefits when it comes to quality, but also efficiency and a better environment with reduced paper, print ink etc.

The feedback from the quality inspectors is good, they find the tool easy to use and very simple.

Some of the benefits they see in daily operation are:
• Poka-yokes (“mistake-proofing”) introduced in the system is preventing us from making human mistakes and guiding us towards full compliance with customer specifications and procedures.
• Evidences collection and sharing is helping to avoid personal appreciations when it comes to defect categorization.
• Involvement from other departments is improved as they might be responsible for resolving conditional approvals (Engineering Dept).
• Full transparency of the inspection process.

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