Collaboration with future talents

At Jupiter Bach we believe in fostering innovation through collaboration with future talents.

In 1760 the world underwent an Industrial Revolution. Wind Energy is poised for a very similar event. If history is any guide it will be the next generation that will reshape the industry. We believe that in order to further reduce LCoE we need to invest in this next generation.

April 5th and 6th, Jupiter Bach, for the first time, will be participating in the DSE fair at the Danish Technical University in Kgs. Lyngby, Northern Copenhagen region. Join us for this ground breaking entry into the fair at stand #110 (inside the S-house), to hear about the Master and Bachelor projects we can offer.

You also don’t want to miss the opportunity to hear, and engage in discussions about the progressive GFRP engineering work behind the scenes at the world’s largest wind turbine nacelle cover manufacturer. The time for forward thinking and change is now. Come and be a part of the revolution to reshape the industry!

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