Cost-out through scale up

If capacity is the name of the game, then look no further than Jupiter Bach.

Jupiter Bach has once again increased facility capacity in Pensacola Florida with a move that netted an additional 1800m². This space further allows Jupiter Bach take on additional volumes in the US market ensuring customers that Jupiter Bach will be there with the right capacity, the right quality, and on time when needed.

Jupiter Bach’s latest expansion marks the second such US expansion in a year. The expansion was necessary to meet the growing demand of the American wind market, and should be viewed as evidence of Jupiter Bachs commitment to the US wind market and key customers.

Inside this latest expansion is a larger warehousing space, three more CNC machines, and available production zones for additional capacities. The warehousing space was necessary to ensure that Jupiter Bach is able to fully take advantage of growing economies of scale when ordering. The additional CNC operations not only expands the current scope, but adds additional converting abilities taking Jupiter Bach to the next level as a supplier. The additional production zones are fully functional with necessary machinery and controls for casting and cutting of FRP components. The building is adjacent to Jupiter Bachs main US facilities and also houses the Jupiter Bach Innovation Center where driving down the cost of energy is the main focus.

The new building also allowed Jupiter Bach the space to add a fitness center for the over 200 employees, new safety training center, and process training center. These new training centers allow Jupiter to better ready the people who make it all happen, ensuring that the safety of the employees and the quality of the product is best in class.

Jupiter Bach takes pride in creating value for the customer and this move is right in line with that focus.

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