Over 30 million households powered!

On February 3rd 2017 Jupiter Bach rolled off the line nacelle number 20.000

Nacelle #20.000 is a GE 2,3MW unit built in Pensacola Florida. 20.000 units is enough renewable power for over 30 million homes (taking global averages).


Jupiter is very proud to have been part of this positive impact on the reduction of the global carbon footprint and is very much looking forward to partnering with customers working towards the same goal. Jupiter Bach was joined by local leaders, customers, suppliers, and the Jupiter Pensacola staff in an event celebrating this great milestone.

This milestone marks yet another stepping stone on Jupiter Bach’s path to the full growth potential. Though Jupiter Bach had its roots in boating the company since changed all focus and devoted itself to the wind turbine industry. The road has not been without its ups and downs, but Jupiter Bachs devotion to wind has given it the tools that now allow it to stand at the forefront of the industry in size, innovation, global access, and reducing the cost of energy. You of course don’t get to build 20,000 nacelles without support. It takes an army of great and talented employees whose commitment, drive and innovation create the backbone of Jupiter Bach. It takes the trust and confidence of world leading customers and partners. It takes the commitment of first class suppliers who work diligently here and throughout the globe to ensure that we have the tools necessary for success.

As the final destination of the 20,000th nacelle is yet to be determined there is no question which direction Jupiter Bach is going, and that’s up.

Wind energy is going places, and Jupiter Bach is going with it.

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