Our new assembly site in Ringkoebing, Denmark is now operational

Our new assembly site in Ringkoebing is now operational for deliveries to Vestas in Ringkoebing


The assembly jig, lifting equipment and tooling has been installed, and a gate to enable access/exit of the items being assembled.

Our team has started to deliver nacelle panels Just In Time for the Vestas assembly line less than 1 km down the road. JIT means in reality, that we are requested to deliver panels 2-4 hours before they are actually needed on the assembly line, more or less 24 hours a day on special designed transport jigs.

To enable this, tight planning is needed, close cooperation with Vestas as well as a good logistic flow from our plant in Lithuania. It’s a huge challenge delivering JIT for Jupiter Bach, but we are convinced our setup and dedicated team are able to fulfill and maintain a satisfied customer.
The panels assembled, re-packed and delivered in special configurations in Ringkoebing will be used for Vestas new turbine in the Enventus family.

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