The Code of Conduct is as an essential part of Jupiter Bach business values. It defines the way we do responsible and sustainable business.

This Code of Conduct defines the basic requirements placed by the Management of Jupiter Bach concerning their responsibilities towards all Stakeholders of Jupiter Bach, including Employees, Colleagues, Suppliers, Customers, Authorities and the environment. These requirements reflect also Sustainable Growth under the guidelines of the international standards on Social Responsibility, Health and Safety and environment.

As our overall guide we have decided to act in compliance with the United Nations Global Compact initiative. Listed below is the basic requirements and Jupiter Bach reserves the right to reasonably change the requirements of this Code of Conduct.

Adherence to the Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is as an essential part of Jupiter Bach business values and the way we do business. Non-compliance by supplier can cause termination of the cooperation. Non-compliance by employees can cause dismissal. The code is subject for Management Reviews at all our sites worldwide and is reviewed yearly by our Executive Management.

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