Size Matters

The results are in for H1 and Jupiter Bach has been busy.

Jupiter Bach completed the merger earlier in 2017 and the results thus far are stunning. 6,500 MW of nacelle units produced and sold in the first half of 2017. With Asia projects beginning to come on strong the Jupiter Bach portfolio is proving to be the market leader in wind turbine nacelle covers and spinners that was earlier promised. While all of this sounds grand you may ask yourself why any of this matters.

For one it shows that the industry can trust Jupiter Bach. Without the trust of market leading OEMs it would not be possible to achieve this size of a portfolio. So when a customer orders a prototype to serial nacelle from Jupiter Bach they know that others would do the same.

Jupiter Bach’s size matters, because it comes with resources. Jupiter Bach has over 1200 employees worldwide. Jupiter Bach’s engineering and R&D abilities are second to none in the wind turbine nacelle cover industry. The focus of innovation efforts is achieving a low LCOE while maintaining the key components of Safety, Quality, Delivery and Cost.

With size comes reach. With 10 locations spread out across North America, Asia, and Europe Jupiter Bach is positioned to get your products to the regions you need them at the cost and timeline that maximizes your results. Jupiter Bach has the right logistic solution for your nacelle whether is come from our many existing locations or a Mobile Concept partnership.

Through volume Jupiter Bach can create economies of scale. Jupiter Bach’s unique size in the industry allows us to drive down the LCOE for OEMs by leveraging our size and operations through lean practices. Much like the Big Three of the early automotive industry Jupiter Bach is industrializing wind turbine nacelle and spinner covers to bring maximized value to our customers.

One cannot speak of size and volume without speaking to experience. With over 40,000 nacelle covers in the field no other manufacturer of wind turbine nacelles comes close to the same level of experience. Jupiter Bach has over 30 years of manufacturing experience in the wind turbine industry and is known as an early pioneer in the modern wind market. Jupiter Bach leverages that experience to bring products to market quickly by having experienced project managers and avoiding pit falls which can set schedules back.

And finally the H1 result of 6,500 MW speaks to Jupiter Bach’s commitment to the environment. The 6,500 MW of volume from H1 represents over 6 million homes worth of renewable energy. Jupiter Bach is Devoted to Wind, and therefore believes in the role that wind has to play in creating a clean, renewable energy grid which will benefit all for generations to come.

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