Test labs & technology

Our highly skilled specialists ensure superior in-house testing services. All results are reviewed and saved for future reference.

Jupiter Bach test labs around the world continually investigate and test new materials, processes, technologies and composite solutions. Close collaborations with customers and other experts in the field enable us to deliver efficiencies and advancements to achieve the industry’s most competitive total cost. We also explore opportunities for recycling and reusing materials whenever it is possible.

Advanced composite testing and analysis

Our test equipment is ideal for advanced composite testing and analysis. While the specimens themselves are lightweight, testing complex composite materials often requires the use of great forces. Our test machines enable us to determine parameters such as the flexural properties, compression and tension in accordance with ASTM, EN, ISO and other relevant international standards within composites testing.

Our growing knowledge bank

Comprehensive and intelligently designed tests form the basis of Jupiter Bach’s uniform manufacturing output – always in full compliance with our customers’ specifications. And since we’re constantly adding to our knowledge bank through testing, our ability to serve customers is always growing.

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