Design for manufacturing

By proactively designing products to optimize manufacturing functions, we ensure the best cost, quality and satisfaction – fast.

Jupiter Bach’s best-in-class nacelle and spinner covers reflect our 100% focus on wind – and commitment to contributing to a lower Levelized Cost of Energy. Our track record includes more than 40,000 wind turbines around the world and a nearly 25-year history of consistently supplying the wind industry’s largest OEMs.

Smooth, fast, cost-efficient flow

Whether you want our full or a partial range of services, our in-house engineers and production specialists work closely with you and each other to continuously boost our accumulated global knowledge bank. This knowledge bank ensures the smoothest, fastest flow from challenge to execution, as well as maximum responsiveness to your needs. Cost, quality, reliability, serviceability, regulatory compliance, product line breadth, safety, delivery, customer acceptance and competitiveness all benefit from our design for manufacturing approach.

At all production units, highly skilled Jupiter Bach engineers guarantee close on-site collaboration with customers for maximum benefit at minimum cost.

One-source efficiency

With Jupiter Bach, you only need to contact a single place to get to market as quickly as possible with the highest quality nacelle and spinner covers. Because we are devoted to wind, we deliver the market’s most up-to-date expertise and advice on the optimal solution. A solution with as few costs and as much sustainability as possible.

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