Track record

When our 40,000th nacelle rolled off the line in Florida in 2017, it represented renewable power for more than 60 million homes.

The milestone took place at our production site in Pensacola, Florida. When added to the 39,999 Jupiter Bach nacelles before it, nacelle number 40,000 – a GE 2.3 MW unit – illustrates the amount of renewable wind power necessary to serve more than 60 million homes, based on global averages.

Wind energy is going places, and we’re going with it

Together with our customers, Jupiter Bach is proud to be contributing to a reduced carbon footprint around the world. Our devotion to wind has given us the tools to lead in nacelle and spinner covers when it comes to size, innovation, global access and reduced cost of energy.

But we’re not achieving milestones like this alone. It takes an army of talented employees to build 40,000 nacelles. Their commitment, drive and innovation create the backbone of Jupiter Bach. And it takes the trust and confidence of world-leading customers and partners like you, as well as the commitment of first-class suppliers who work diligently to ensure we have the tools necessary for success.

Even more success ahead

Our vision is to strengthen our position as the global leader within nacelle and spinner covers and to continue our innovative approach for the benefit of the industry. A solid business plan and excellent global cooperation internally and externally is making that success happen.

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