On-demand manufacturing

Wherever customers have a project, we have the unique ability to establish temporary manufacturing sites for greater flexibility.

Staying at the forefront of the nacelle and spinner cover field requires continual innovation – such as our mobile manufacturing concept, which is unique to the industry. It provides customers with even greater scalability and flexibility than our eight permanent production sites. And we can establish such facilities in as little as several months. Our industry-leading supply chain facilitates production and services anywhere in the world – and reflects our global presence, modularization concepts and innovation mindset.

Collaborating to create value

Jupiter Bach’s advanced technical knowledge and product development capabilities give us a competitive edge. We realize that any detail that simplifies your path to a finished wind turbine creates value. Our engineering teams interact directly with customers to develop the best, most cost-efficient solutions, and since our engineers are located on-site, those solutions efficiently transfer directly to the production process.

One-source efficiency

With Jupiter Bach, you only need to contact a single place to get to market as quickly as possible with the highest quality nacelle and spinner covers. Because we are devoted to wind, we deliver the market’s most up-to-date expertise and advice on the optimal solution. A solution with as few costs and as much sustainability as possible.

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