Nacelle & spinner covers

With the industry’s best-in-class nacelle and spinner covers, we’re 100% focused on wind for a lower Levelized Cost of Energy.

Jupiter Bach is devoted to wind – and to our customers’ success. Our track record includes more than 40,000 wind turbines around the world and a nearly 25-year history of consistently supplying the wind industry’s largest OEMs.

Our highly skilled engineers are accustomed to complying with the demanding standards set by OEMs on parameters such as structural strength, weight reduction, fire resistance, computer simulation, quality control and safety.

Leading in nacelle covers

The nacelle cover is mounted on the bed plate of the turbine and shelters key components, such as the generator, gearbox and controls, from the elements. Jupiter Bach nacelle covers are composite, fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) products, characterized by low weight, temperature resistance, non-corrosion and rigidity. More than 40,000 of our nacelle covers are performing in the field every day.

World-class spinner covers

The spinner cover is mounted on the rotor hub that connects the drive train and the blades. Despite the smaller size of the individual parts, spinner covers are no less complex to design and manufacture than nacelle covers. As with nacelle covers, the design of spinner covers varies across the different types of turbines, but the same specifications and requirements apply.

We are and intend to remain the best in the world when it comes to nacelle and spinner covers, so our customers can concentrate on what they do best: producing wind power.

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