Manufacturing capacity

As new markets are emerging, global presence is key. We are prepared to serve our customers anywhere for even greater flexibility.

Jupiter Bach currently has eight permanent production sites on three continents – primarily in highly cost-competitive locations – 90,000 m2 of manufacturing and assembly capacity, and more than 1,200 employees. At all locations, highly skilled engineers are attached to the production units to guarantee close, on-site collaboration with customers for maximum benefit at minimum cost.

Fast, flexible on-site solutions

Our customers get fast, easily adaptable and flexible solutions, thanks to our advanced technical knowledge and product development capabilities. Jupiter Bach’s development, testing, ramping up, manufacturing, assembly and final delivery are the most efficient in the industry. And our industry-leading supply chain facilitates production and services anywhere in the world.

One-source efficiency

With Jupiter Bach, you only need to contact a single place to get to market as quickly as possible with the highest quality nacelle and spinner covers. Because we are devoted to wind, we deliver the market’s most up-to-date expertise and advice on the optimal solution. A solution with as few costs and as much sustainability as possible.

Wherever in the world you are working on a project, Jupiter Bach also has the ability to establish temporary, on-demand manufacturing sites for even greater scalability and flexibility – a concept that is unique to the industry.

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