Nacelle cover #50,000 delivered

During December 2018 Jupiter Bach has rolled off the line nacelle cover number 50,000 since Jupiter Bach entered the wind power industry.

Nacelle cover #50,000 is a Shanghai Electric 7MW offshore cover built in our newly inaugurated factory in Weihai, China. The 50,000 covers are mounted on approx. 15-20% of the total installed turbines, which produce enough renewable power for over 75 million homes.

Jupiter Bach is very proud to be part of this positive impact on the reduction of the global carbon footprint and is very much looking forward to continue partnering with our customers working towards the same goal.

This milestone in 2018 marks yet another stepping stone in Jupiter Bach’s devotion to wind, which earlier this year also resulted in the introduction of the scalable nacelle cover called iO

Read more about our Devotion to Wind here

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