Ready for a new day at DTU DSE fair – The Engineers of tomorrow

Our dedicated team of Engineers ready for a new day at the Danish Technical University job fair (DSE). Yesterday was a busy day with a lot of meetings and discussions with the future engineers regarding joint student projects, which Jupiter Bach could offer, as the the world’s largest supplier of wind turbine nacelle and spinner covers.

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Growing with China Offshore

The 6 MW Offshore Nacelle cover announced as prototype late 2017 is now in serial production and supplied to one of the leading wind turbine manufacturers in China focusing on the China offshore market. The nacelle cover is supplied from Jupiter Bach’s facility in Weihai located in the Eastern part of Shandong province close to a major port.
Jupiter Bach is currently setting up a new and bigger facility close to the current facility to support the growing offshore market. The new facility is expected to be in operation later in 2018, where after the activities in the current facility in Weihai will be transferred to the new state-of-the art facility.

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Next generation of Production Engineers

As published 5 months ago, 2 students from DTU (Technical University of Denmark) finished their bachelor within Production Engineering with Jupiter Bach.

They did a great job analyzing the global logistical and production foot print for one of our main customers, and ended up providing a clear proposal for how to optimize to the benefit of the entire supply chain.

A few days prior to their final exam, the project conclusion was presented to our Operations team in our new HQ in Koege, DK. This went well, and 2 days later John and Jacob presented to the exam board at DTU and they graduated as A students.

Jupiter Bach wishes John and Jacob all the best on their future path and we welcome new students should they consider working with our great team.

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Setting the goals for the future

January 2018 the management team of the Jupiter Bach operations department met at the Jupiter Bach POL facility located in Szczecin Poland. The agenda was how to achieve the strategic goals of Jupiter Bach and its customers in an ever changing market. The outcome was one of many ideas forged and a laser focus established. Some of the key focus items were:

Sustainability – How to ensure that environmental responsibility is achieved from cradle to grave for our products.

People – How in a company with over 1200 employees do we ensure the utmost safety and social responsibility

Quality – How to deliver the right quality products for our customers and foster a zero NCR environment

Cost Out – What needs to take place to ensure best in class products at competitive rates with world class service

The buy-in at the conference was enlightening and the know-how in the room was second to none in the nacelle industry. Jupiter Bach is stronger than ever and with a winning team on board the future looks bright for the world’s largest nacelle supplier.

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Wind on the road!

Jupiter Bach takes full LCoE responsibility from design and manufacturing to delivery

Jupiter Bach – Gazelle 2017

We are very proud to inform that Jupiter Bach has been awarded Gazelle 2017 by Borsen, the leading financial Magazine in Denmark. This is not something we have applied for, but a recognition we get as we have doubled the company’s revenue or result within a four year period.

More specifically Borsen is stating that “A Gazelle company has within 4 financial years had positive growth and has doubled the revenue or result. These are tough requirements – and it is impressive that you have been able to meet them. Gazelle companies daily defy challenges like low growth, demographic headwind, disruption and having to attract qualified manpower, but they are still able to create success. They generate new employment and progress, and add value for their owners and for the local community which they are a part of.

The award was given at a Boersen award event November 30 at Sonnerupgaard Gods in Hvalsoe, Denmark. Representatives from management and employees participated in the prestigious event.

Our election as Gazelle 2017 bears witness to our growth and positive development within the last 4 years.

We would like to express our gratitude to our loyal customers and devoted team of employees, who have all contributed to this development.

We will continue to work hard to continue this growth journey together with you, and remain

devoted to wind!

The future is in our hands today

Jupiter Bach recognizes the critical role that the next generation will play in regards to the future manufacturing.

For this reason Jupiter Bach was more than eager when offered an opportunity to work with Florida West Economic Development Alliance, and the Advanced Manufacturing Career Academy on a video for recruiting students for the Greater Pensacola Career Pathways training programs.

Greater Pensacola Career Pathways is a collaborative campaign outlining the local career opportunities, anticipated wages and training programs in the Pensacola area. The campaign is led by FloridaWest Economic Development Alliance and Gulf Power Company, in partnership with Escambia and Santa Rosa County School Districts, George Stone Technical Center, Locklin Technical Center, Pensacola State College, and the University of West Florida. Jupiter Bach tips the hat to all the young individuals out there who are working towards a career in manufacturing and is always open to partnerships like this which ultimately will shape the future to come.

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Jupiter Bach ready at China Wind Power 2017

The merger of Jupiter and Bach is attracting positive attention with our increased footprint in China combined with local support and global engineering design capabilities.


Jupiter Bach is committed to lowering the overall LCOE as part of our core values. Through lean manufacturing, cost out tracking, scale, and design for total cost of ownership Jupiter Bach is setting the standard for the nacelle cover industry when it comes to maximizing customer benefit while minimizing cost. Come to booth #W1-B04 to see our Devotion to Wind first hand.

For the first time Jupiter Bach as a team is exhibiting at China Wind Power in Beijing. The hub placed at the booth attracts both attention and facilitates constructive customer dialogue regarding “design for total cost of ownership”.


China Wind Power has been very busy for the Jupiter Bach team taking meetings with both Chinese and foreign Turbine OEM’s.

All OEM’s expressing that the combined size of Jupiter Bach provides for new business opportunities, but they are naturally also reinforcing the message that our offerings need to provide a competitive offering from a total cost of ownership perspective in order to support the wind industry’s continued focus on lowering the overall LCOE.

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Another milestone reached

First time quality and a rock solid project plan are key when launching products in today’s market.

A perfect example of this was the Nordex Delta nacelle cover. After several years of successful co-operation with Acciona, the delivery of the first Nordex Delta cover was an important milestone in our co-operation with Nordex Acciona.

The prototype of the re-designed Delta nacelle cover passed the Fit-Form-Function test at the Nordex assembly facility in Rostock in the beginning of September. The Delta Generation is the fourth turbine generation from Nordex, setting new standards for economic efficiency, reliability, and service- and HSE-friendliness. Jupiter Bach will begin serial production of the new Nordex Delta nacelle cover in January 2018.

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Size Matters

The results are in for H1 and Jupiter Bach has been busy.

Jupiter Bach completed the merger earlier in 2017 and the results thus far are stunning. 6,500 MW of nacelle units produced and sold in the first half of 2017. With Asia projects beginning to come on strong the Jupiter Bach portfolio is proving to be the market leader in wind turbine nacelle covers and spinners that was earlier promised. While all of this sounds grand you may ask yourself why any of this matters.

For one it shows that the industry can trust Jupiter Bach. Without the trust of market leading OEMs it would not be possible to achieve this size of a portfolio. So when a customer orders a prototype to serial nacelle from Jupiter Bach they know that others would do the same.

Jupiter Bach’s size matters, because it comes with resources. Jupiter Bach has over 1200 employees worldwide. Jupiter Bach’s engineering and R&D abilities are second to none in the wind turbine nacelle cover industry. The focus of innovation efforts is achieving a low LCOE while maintaining the key components of Safety, Quality, Delivery and Cost.

With size comes reach. With 10 locations spread out across North America, Asia, and Europe Jupiter Bach is positioned to get your products to the regions you need them at the cost and timeline that maximizes your results. Jupiter Bach has the right logistic solution for your nacelle whether is come from our many existing locations or a Mobile Concept partnership.

Through volume Jupiter Bach can create economies of scale. Jupiter Bach’s unique size in the industry allows us to drive down the LCOE for OEMs by leveraging our size and operations through lean practices. Much like the Big Three of the early automotive industry Jupiter Bach is industrializing wind turbine nacelle and spinner covers to bring maximized value to our customers.

One cannot speak of size and volume without speaking to experience. With over 40,000 nacelle covers in the field no other manufacturer of wind turbine nacelles comes close to the same level of experience. Jupiter Bach has over 30 years of manufacturing experience in the wind turbine industry and is known as an early pioneer in the modern wind market. Jupiter Bach leverages that experience to bring products to market quickly by having experienced project managers and avoiding pit falls which can set schedules back.

And finally the H1 result of 6,500 MW speaks to Jupiter Bach’s commitment to the environment. The 6,500 MW of volume from H1 represents over 6 million homes worth of renewable energy. Jupiter Bach is Devoted to Wind, and therefore believes in the role that wind has to play in creating a clean, renewable energy grid which will benefit all for generations to come.

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