Jupiter Bach has initiated construction of a new world class manufacturing site in China

Through our devotion to wind, Jupiter Bach is in the progress of expanding our production footprint in China, by a new state of the art factory in Dezhou, Shandong province, to serve leading wind turbine manufacturers.

2019 has started at a high pace for our team in Dezhou (Shangdong, China) as we are well on the way to start operation in a newly built factory complex during second quarter of 2019. The new factory will be nearly 25,000 m2 and will further strengthen the global leadership of Jupiter Bach, delivering high quality and competitive components for the wind industry and thereby supporting the strategy in the industry to further improve levelized cost of energy.
Starting at the design phase, the new factory has been laid out to fulfil the highest environmental standards and supported by investments in production technology, high quality and efficiency are key factors of the new factory.
The location in Dezhou is strategically chosen to serve both global and local customers in the wind industry and each year more than 50,000 parts will leave the location and be part of wind turbines producing green energy for a cleaner world.
Together with the newly inaugurated factory in Weihai (Shandong, China) Jupiter Bach operates more than 35,000 m2 in China.

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Nacelle cover #50,000 delivered

During December 2018 Jupiter Bach has rolled off the line nacelle cover number 50,000 since Jupiter Bach entered the wind power industry.

Nacelle cover #50,000 is a Shanghai Electric 7MW offshore cover built in our newly inaugurated factory in Weihai, China. The 50,000 covers are mounted on approx. 15-20% of the total installed turbines, which produce enough renewable power for over 75 million homes.

Jupiter Bach is very proud to be part of this positive impact on the reduction of the global carbon footprint and is very much looking forward to continue partnering with our customers working towards the same goal.

This milestone in 2018 marks yet another stepping stone in Jupiter Bach’s devotion to wind, which earlier this year also resulted in the introduction of the scalable nacelle cover called iO

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Proud to be part of the first Nordex N149/4.0-4.5 installations

When Nordex in August erected the first of two N149/4.0-4.5 turbines at the Wennerstorf II windfarm located roughly 30 km south of Hamburg, it was with a prototype nacelle cover from Jupiter Bach.

The new nacelle cover developed for the Delta4000 series, is the second step in the co-operation with Nordex, after having successfully delivered the nacelle covers for the N131 turbines since 2017.

With the N149 turbines, the Nordex Group sets new standards in the light-wind segment for both rotor diameter and maximum output. The N149 turbines are also well designed in terms of acoustics for increasing citizen acceptance, with a sound emission level of less than 106.1 dB(A) even when operating at full load. In addition, they can be operated in a variety of sound-optimized modes which can be set according to wind direction and the time of day to keep noise levels as low as possible.

The start of serial production is scheduled for Q1 2019.

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Meet us at WindEnergy Hamburg in Hall B1.EG.429, 25th-28th of September

Jupiter Bach introduces our new IO concept for nacelle covers at Global Wind Summit 2018

As the market leader within nacelle and spinner covers, we are a part of the Global Wind Summit from 25 to 28 September 2018 in Hamburg. Join us at the biggest and most important meeting of the wind industry worldwide, combining the world’s leading expo for wind energy – WindEnergy Hamburg and the global conference of WindEurope to create a high-powered, unique platform for business, networking and information – onshore and offshore.

We are proud to present our new IO concept – the answer to the requirements of our industry. Our CTO Ulrik Raimund explains:

We wanted to re-think the way to design and produce nacelle covers. So, we created a team consisting of our best engineers and gave them the time and the freedom to develop a concept that would meet the market’s tough demands of tomorrow…”

We are proud to launch this new concept at the Global Wind Summit. Meet us in Hall B1.EG.429 to get the first insight into the future of nacelle cover manufacturing.

Jupiter Bach Grand Opening Weihai China

On August 28th the Grand Opening of the new site in Weihai China took place. Present during the ceremony were local government representatives incl. the Vice Mayor of Weihai, customers, suppliers, local employees and the global management team from Jupiter Bach.

Grand Opening - Lineup


After speeches by WEI General Manager Leo Dong and CEO Jens Kristensen, the new factory was officially inaugurated by “ touching ball” which is a Chinese tradition when opening new factories. After the official ceremony the Jupiter Bach team did the ribbon cutting lead by WEI employees who have been with the company for more than 10 years.

This is the 4th Jupiter Bach Grand Opening in 2 years -and a precursor to one in spring of 2019.
Jupiter Bach started manufacturing in Weihai during 2008. The site started out in with 2700m2 and only 8 employees. One year later the site became ISO9000 certified and in 2013 was ISO14000/OHSA18500 certified. In 2016 the plant had expanded to 4500 m2 and 2017 added the second building of 4100 m2 for manufacturing of offshore products. With the new building, the two locations have now been, not alone consolidated, but also expanded to 11600 m2 -and the 8 employees in which Jupiter Bach WEI started out with is now more than 100. All this is done to support Jupiter Bach’s growth strategy.
The factory is located strategically in China serving both international customers who require export from China to overseas markets as well as local Chinese OEM’s. The factory has now begun partial operation and will be 100% operational early October when the production of offshore nacelles and spinners will be transferred.

Jupiter Bach is the world’s largest wind turbine nacelle and spinner manufacturer. To learn more about our products click here.

Successful qualification in China for deliveries to Vestas USA

Safety, quality, delivery and cost are key when launching new products in today’s market.

The SQE (Sourcing Quality Engineer) team from Vestas has been visiting the Jupiter Bach factory in Dezhou, China to carry out First Article Inspection of the first 3MW nacelle cover panels which will be delivered to Vestas Brighton Nacelle factory in the USA. Vestas plans to assemble the first 3MW Nacelles at the end of 2018 which will be installed as part of new wind projects for the US wind market and mark a shift in the demand size of turbines in the US.

The First Article Inspection includes inspection of moulds, assembly fixtures, fiber panels, mounting parts, pre-assembled nacelle parts and transport fixtures. In addition, work instructions, process descriptions and procedures are verified to secure safety, quality, delivery and cost. The experience Jupiter Bach has in the wind industry really shows during these qualifications as the company has substantial experience with what the customer requires and lives by the values the customers also strive to.

The SQE team was very satisfied with the overall inspection of the tools, products and documentation and Jupiter Bach now has received the green light from Vestas to begin shipping units to the USA.

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Nacelle cover for a new 3 MW turbine turbine platform running full speed in Poland

High quality, efficient supply chain and timely project execution are paramount in today’s wind market.

One of Jupiter Bach’s existing customers has selected Jupiter Bach  to deliver the nacelle cover and spinner to a new version of a 3 MW  platform, which the customer has introduced to the market last year to secure the continuous improvement of Levelized Cost of Energy (LCoE).

The project started a couple of years ago with the delivery of prototypes followed by ramp-up during 2018. The production is now running full speed in the newly expanded Jupiter Bach production in Poland located in the proximity to Stettin. The project teams from the Customer and Jupiter Bach have been meeting frequently at the Jupiter Bach factory in Poland to align quality requirements and develop a new packaging and transport concepts to secure an effective transport from Stettin to the customers Nacelle assembly factory in Europe.

In total Jupiter Bach has 6 factories globally with 75.000m² of manufacturing and assembly capacity spanning the globe from Asia to Americas.

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Wind is Hiring

Jupiter Bach has now more than 1,500 employees and is still hiring.

The wind industry is an exciting market with a bright future. It is in wide agreement that Wind will be an integral part of the future energy mix. All over the world economies are being positively impacted by this trend. This positive impact doesn’t stop with the investors, environment, or the OEMs. The wind industry is creating jobs, and job creation is the ultimate multiplier when looking at economic impact and the overall quality of life. Jupiter Bach can attest to this job creation first hand as the ramp up to meet global demand heats up.

Jupiter Bach currently has increased to over 1,500 employees globally. The plan is to keeping increasing by hiring several hundred people by the end of the year. These jobs are all over the spectrum of experience from engineers and managers to welders, laminators, and assemblers. Jupiter Bach is proud to be creating jobs and at the same time doing its part to improve the environment.

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Jupiter Bach adding capacity for offshore in Poland

On 17th of May 2018 Jupiter Bach officially inaugurated the latest expansion in Poland. Officials from the local government took part in the Grand Opening followed by the ribbon cutting ceremony. With the latest expansion of 6.000 m2 in Poland the site in close proximity of Stettin employs more than 300 dedicated employees who produces nacelle covers and spinners to on- and offshore customers across Europe.

This latest expansion was designed specifically to support the growing offshore demand with flexibility and logistics for larger offshore parts in mind. Jupiter Bach has since 2014 been producing in Police, Poland and the new expansion demonstrates our commitment to the region and to our customers and employees.


In total Jupiter Bach has 6 GRP factories globally with 75.000m² of manufacturing and assembly capacity spanning the globe from Asia to Americas.

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Next step taken to serve Chinese offshore wind power industry

With the signing of a new state-of-the-art production facility in Weihai, specially designed for manufacture of large scale offshore nacelle and spinner covers, Jupiter Bach is increasing its focus on being the number one supplier for the Chinese offshore wind power industry.

The new factory will be ideally situated in Weihai for deliveries by sea to all major OEM’s. The factory will be ready for starting up production already during in August 2018.

Jupiter Bach has long term experience from Europe, supplying Vestas, Siemens and GE with offshore nacelle and spinner covers, and is in China already supporting the leading offshore wind turbine manufacturer Shanghai Electric as the preferred supplier of nacelle and spinner covers for their D6/D7 offshore platform.


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