Jupiter Bach grew out of the 2017 merger between Jupiter Group and BACH Composite Industry – two world-leading wind specialists.

From our start as two small, independent manufacturing companies, Jupiter Bach has grown into the unified leader in nacelle and spinner covers. When we were founded, both businesses served a variety of industries. But as time passed, we learned that wind was where we could add most value and deliver a comparative advantage. Today we are 100% devoted to the wind turbine industry. Decades of experience with its demanding quality and documentation requirements, combined with our product development expertise, has made us the partner the world’s leading OEMs depend on.

90,000 m2 manufacturing capacity – and growing

As the demand for our products and services has increased, we have gradually expanded our global activities. Our first production sites were in Denmark. Today, we have 90,000 m2 of manufacturing capacity in six countries on three continents – each location with a dedicated engineering team. And with our ability to establish temporary, on-demand manufacturing sites for even greater scalability and flexibility, that number is always growing.


  • 1982: Jupiter Group founded in Denmark by Hans Christian Gabelgaard and Hans Steffen Steffensen
  • 1985: BACH Composite Industry founded in Denmark by Thorkild Bach
  • 1994: BACH Composite Industry begins working with the Danish wind turbine industry and starts producing nacelles for wind turbines
  • 2003: Production site established in Lithuania
  • 2005: Production site established in China
  • 2006: Second production site established in Lithuania.
  • 2006: Production site established in Spain
  • 2006: Production site established in the United States
  • 2014: Production site established in Poland
  • 2017: Merger between Jupiter Group and BACH Composite Industry to form Jupiter Bach, and current ownership established between Verdane Capital Advisors and BWB Partners

Even more success ahead

Our vision is to strengthen our position as the global leader within nacelle and spinner covers and to continue our innovative approach for the benefit of the industry. A solid business plan and excellent global cooperation internally and externally is making that success happen.

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